This 6-month coaching intensive package is for those ACTION TAKING, FAST PACED, ALL-IN female entrepreneurs that are ready to step things up in a BIG way!

✨ Creating a strategy to support your business scaling

✨ Mapping out and forecasting your next launches

✨ Focusing on business flow charts and any missing links

✨ Allocating time for key areas in business whilst you grow

✨ Identifying next steps in your business

✨ Fostering a CEO mentality and transitioning your mindset as your business grows

✨ Becoming aware of tracking your data, progress and business

✨ Creating new ideas and concepts to expand your business

✨ Taking your business to the next level with community, engagement and content

✨ Learning how to manage a team and delegate work to others

✨ Creating performance habits to support your success


I enjoyed that every session was recorded so I could go back and listen to Sam's ideas and expertise! Sam is VERY creative and I love that she helps me put my ideas into a plan. Her personality, we get along very well. She wasn't just a business coach, I saw her as a friend I could confide in with personal things too which essentially impact the business since I am my business. Sam inspires me every time I speak to her. Sam is very smart and put all of her knowledge across very well, she had an excellent coaching style, she's to the point, I love this, I don't like fluff and Sam doesn't do fluff either. It was a business transformation experience - it was exactly what I wanted to kickstart and accelerate my business.

- Rochelle Wanda Knowles

✅ 3 45 minute 1:1 calls
monthly guest expert sessions

✅ email support for all copy to be sent for feedback


✅ voice-note support via Instagram

✅ access to Samantha's network and recommendations to support you further

✅ Google Drive access for documents and resources to be sent for in depth feedback and collaboration between sessions

✅ all call recordings emailed with notes per calls for lifetime access


This programme is for a woman who is an ‘I’ve done it, what’s next?!’ kinda girl boss!

for this 1:1, high touch, in-depth coaching intensive.

Starting at £11,111 +VAT

Payment Plans Available


Sobriety and Self Love Coach

We started working together at the very start of Emily building up her brand, membership, and 1:1 coaching.

In our 6-months together Emily achieved;

⭐️ launching a membership and reaching 60 members consistently within the 1st 6 months

⭐️ creating copy, structure and content for her 1:1 programme, as well as focussing on a pricing structure to support her goals and her product suite

⭐️ transferring this content and copy into a launch plan for 1:1 and signing her first 2 high ticket clients

⭐️ building out a strategy for her systems from email marketing, social media content, engagement and lead generation

⭐️ hiring 2 team members and supporting her through this process from application, KPI's and hiring

⭐️ running team meetings with Emily and her community manager to support an initiative that would build brand awareness and generate momentum for a 2nd members launch with huge success of increasing email subscribers and gaining 20+ new members organically

⭐️ mindset support around starting to grow the business and where to focus energy

& much more!

Mindset & Business Coach

Since working with Natasha we focussed more on organic business growth, as she already had a 6-figure business and was ready to take that next step and grow, but with simple strategies.

During our 6-months together Natasha achieved;

⭐️ launching a new mini coaching 1:1 programme and EXCEEDING the number of clients she wanted to enrol and having a sell out month

⭐️ mapping out a launch for her group programme, generating over £40,000 with even more plans to scale this moving forward

⭐️ streamlining her offers to focus on LESS, but to create even MORE impact and income

⭐️ creating a business strategy for her year ahead and looking at generating £500,000+ in sales - how to do this, what programmes to run, when to launch and how we can introduce passive income to this also

⭐️ refining her sales message and presentation of selling to her audience, creating more confidence when selling on masterclasses to her audience (and leading to easy sales WITHOUT discovery calls being needed!)

⭐️ remodelling her membership to support a bigger vision of growth and how that can work for her and her business capacity

⭐️ maximising social media with clear messaging and direct intentions when launching, promoting and selling, as well as focussing on growth and engagement

⭐️ hiring new team members to support her growth and marketing strategies

& so much more!

Positive Psychology and

Mindset Coach

Since working with Wendy we have transformed her business in the following ways;

⭐️ creating a group programme with content, structure, identity and a launch plan

⭐️ successfully filling 8 spaces in her group programme (after 2 unsuccessful attempts before working together) which resulted in over £15,000 in sales

⭐️ increasing her prices THREE times and clients consistently signing up at the new pricing - generating months & weeks of 5 figure sales

⭐️ creating a client retention plan which has resulted in over 75% retention for clients (even with a new programme structure and pricing in place!)

⭐️ refining her message for social media to create more engagement and organise lead generation

⭐️ redefining her programmes and business model to support more space for family time, as well as growing the business

⭐️ creating a free challenge and supporting her through copy for emails, landing pages, opt-ins, the organic funnel system, content for the challenge, social media graphics and intentions and running her most successful challenge since starting her business

& so much more!

Marketing and Visibility Coach

During our 6-months of coaching together, Samantha achieved;

⭐️ restructuring her business entirely to support more growth

⭐️ redefining her coaching programmes, increasing her prices and building out a value ladder and scaling strategy for them

⭐️ creating and launching a group programme and selling 4 spots organically within the 1st 2 days!

⭐️ launching a membership and ensuring systems were in place for solid back end support and client retention focus

⭐️ looking at client retention with clients and up-selling/down-selling strategies for client support

⭐️ generated £10k sales months for 2 consecutive months (& consistently being between £8-£10k sales months moving forward)

⭐️ identifying best next steps to scale the business with less focus on live launching

⭐️ streamlining 2 main group programme offers and building in a focus on lower conversions but with better quality lead generation

⭐️ nailing down a marketing message that suits launching and engagement for your audience, as well as increase their status online

⭐️ running challenges with systems, socials, graphics and back end processes with EASE and EFFECTIVE selling as a result

⭐️ focussing on utilising their VA better to maximise time management within the business

& so much more!

Alignment and Success Coach

In 3 months we;

⭐️ redefined her niche online and therefore gained confidence and clarity on her online message

⭐️ created, launches, and run a successful challenge online - organically

⭐️ set up systems for copy, opt-in pages, and email sequences to ensure her business was set up for maximum impact and results - streamlining and automating

⭐️ had her first 5 discovery calls using social media

⭐️ signed her first 2 1:1 clients

⭐️ signed her first 2 strategy sessions

⭐️ created a 12-month launch and income plan for her business moving forward

⭐️ got laser focussed on social media presences and how to leverage her status online

⭐️ built in a strategy for lead gen and nurturing potential clients organically

⭐️ hit her targets for the quarter using these strategies and consistent actions


Holistic Life Coach

In 6 months together we;

⭐️ established Rochelle's niche and target market

⭐️ realigned her messaging for client attraction

⭐️ created and launched a mini group programme during December & London lockdown - converting 20 incredible clients into this programme!

⭐️ focussing on graphics, messaging, emails, copy, sales strategies and launch timelines

⭐️ re-crafted Rochelle's 1:1 coaching offer which led to 3 new 1:1 clients singing up

⭐️ created and launched a group coaching programme and signed 3 dream clients into this, in her first group programme launch

⭐️ supported Rochelle in finding the right team to support her with delegation, from an OBM and VA to finance support and wealth management

⭐️ worked together on energy, mindset and expert positioning online

⭐️ mapped out a clear business plan to enable Rochelle to reach her first £100,000 year within 18 months of beginning her business!

⭐️ strategised on launch plans, programmes and value ladders to create incremental scaling of her business as it expands


& so much more!!!

Mindset, Hypnosis and Energy coach

In 6 months together we;

⭐️ Launched her hypnosis package  Sold out in first launch (£894)

⭐️ Launched her 1:1 coaching 3 people – sold out (£1,332)

⭐️ Launched the group programme  6 people – sold out (£2,664)

⭐️ Re-launched hypnosis Sold 2 (£298)

 ⭐️ Hosted live workshops (paid and free)

 ⭐️ Ran her own free challenge & launched group programme (& SOLD OUT!)

 ⭐️ Rebranded whole business and programmes; 1:1, mastermind, hypnosis sessions & merchandise  

 ⭐️ Negotiated a new role within a coach training company 

 ⭐️ Become a co-coach for a mastermind 

 ⭐️ Creating offers to sell merchandise and sell out offers (both in profit!)

 ⭐️ Grew a baby during our time together!!! 

 ⭐️ Moving to a new house and able to really renovate due to new income

 ⭐️ Started a podcast 

 ⭐️ Remodelled social media and marketing message for selling 

⭐️ Started a FB group for her community 

& so much more!