Your Niche Evaluation

Download this FREE PDF training resource to learn my 6-step niche evaluator process, become aware of the 5 stages in your client journey, and have access to a discovery call structure that breaks down EXACTLY what you do with that ideal client once they are ready to invest.

Inside this EPIC PDF you will be gaining 3 resources to work through;

Your Niche Evaluator

Become aware of what YOU can do to attract, engage and connect with your ideal client with ease

Your Client Journey

There are 5 stages to your client’s journey with you and we will unpack each stage together during this section

Discovery Call Structure

Go into ALL of your calls with a clear, consistent and intentional approach to converting your clients 

Inside each section of this FREE PDF training you can expect to learn & have ah-ha moments

  • Understand the most efficient ways to CONNECT with your ideal client and relate to them through your platform and content.
  • Create content and CTA’s that encourage your client to continue to move through your online space/content and deepen their connection with you, whilst on their client journey with you.

  • Get your Discovery Calls broken down into the stages of your call, minute breakdown and what you can do at each stage to convert your ideal client with EASE.



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Your Niche & Client Journey

This PDF training breaks down my extensive 6-step niche evaluator process, so you can NAIL your NICHE with precision and clarity, & then go on to identify which of the 5 stages your client is at in their journey with you AND convert them with ease on a seamless and intentional discovery call.

See you for stage 1 of the EPIC value that will be delivered to you today, and for the next 2 weeks.