Have you ever launched something you were SUPER excited about and then it flops and you just get left in tears?








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Have you ever spent hours and hours creating something EPIC for your potential clients and they turn around and say 'not right now' leaving you feeling sooo disappointed?

Do you ever go through waves of excited, nerves, happiness and sadness during a launch and just feel so overwhelmed by it all?!

WELL - here is your very own launch pep talk... FOR FREE!

This 13 minute audio is going to;

  1. give you examples of changes I have made during launches

  2. mindset support for your launches

  3. understanding of the bigger picture

  4. how to adapt and overcome from a launch

  5. reframing the struggles / challenges during a launch

  6. identify some of the myths around launching to be mindful of

I cannot wait to be with you during your next launch (& forever!)

I want to be in your ears as much as I can and offer you the support you need - YOU'VE GOT THIS!