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Are you ready to learn how you can start to plan for your sales success

without overwhelm, without selling 24/7 and without needing so many clients that this becomes unrealistic?


Join me for a power-packed session and digital asset download that will help you achieve the sales success you've always dreamed of. 

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Inside, I'll be breaking down:

How to set your monthly, quarterly and annual financial goals

How to identify and align your services and offers to meet these goals

Simple strategies to track your cash, sales, profit and growth

How to create a sales framework, with simple conversion focusses to hit the goals you set yourself, via a screen share tutorial

How you can become flexible with your sales per quarter

How to adjust your conversions to stretch your financial goals

Why this will allow you to actually execute without overwhelm or burning out

How to identify your capacity and freedom within your sales and serving in your business


Here's what people are saying:

Meet your host

Samantha Hearne

It is important for me to share my story with you because I used to be where you are now.

I have always been a high achiever, someone that will give 110% to everything I do, very all or nothing kinda girl. I put a lot of pressure on myself, am my own worst critic and always think ‘what next’ and ‘what else can I achieve or try?’

Does this sound familiar or even just like you?!

Since graduating university with a first-class honours degree and working as a teacher for 10 years, receiving multiple promotions and continuing to challenge myself in my profession, I was ready FOR MORE. I craved more freedom and living LIFE with less strict scheduling, being able to eat lunch when I fancy and wee when I need to – less time restraints and more flexibility. Ever felt this way?!

This led me to where I am today, where I am living a life of true freedom, and I want the same for you!

Inside this training, we will be unpicking a simple but effective way to start mapping out and forecasting for your sales - but also with an intentional action plan to achieve them.

This training is NOT just about adding numbers or plucking conversions out of thin air or just desire, it is based on your price points, your capacity, your programmes and HOW this can look from a practical and sales perspective.

This training WILL show you how simple it can be to get on top of your financial planning as a business owner.

How easy it is to be intentional with mapping out each quarter, month or year with a framework that can transfer to your business with EASE.

Your business deserves to thrive financially and you deserve to know where you're going, so this framework and step by step training will ensure you can start to do that.


Here's what people are saying:

Here are some examples of ways I've used this methodology to help my clients:

  • We mapped out £200k years (and at Q1 of 2022 she is already at £50k in sales),
  • I support a client with scaling her business and doubling profits whilst working less (which she achieved in Q1 2022)
  • We mapped out consistent £10k months whilst taking 1 week of every 6 and allowing for more spaciousness (she recently just returned from a weeks holiday and generated £4.5k in sales before jetting off!)
  • I supported a client with building a £100k business with simple offers and she achieved her Q1 target (actually exceeded it by £5k in sales for Q1 or 2022)
  • Another client made £15k more last year whilst working 200 hours LESS

This is just a slice of examples to show how this can really work for you in a practice and sales success breakdown.


So for £39 - this really is a no-brainer for you to be honest!!