Get the system I use to track sales and cash each month!


Get the system I use to track sales and cash each month!

Does this sound like you?

Too many business women ask me this question and it needs to change. 

"How to I track my sales and cash each month?" 

OR they make statements like 

"I need to earn more" and "I'm not where i want to be financially".

But it's never specific and they don’t have a real handle on what "more" means!!

So, my incredible business manager created this for me and my business back in 2021

(yep, you can use it year after year)

And this is the system that I have been using ever since.

With the Sales Tracker, you will be able to

do these 3 vital things for your business:

🧐 See your overall sales for the year and see INSTANTLY how far away you are from your annual goal 

💰 Track your monthly CASH RECEIVED so you are able to understand where your recurring revenue actually sits months in advance 

🤑 See your entire year from a financial stand point and have a clear guide of where you are before you even start a new month, let alone quarter 

So if you want access to this incredible sales and cash tracker FOR FREE, you can download it here

Once you download this Sales Tracker and actually use it,

it’s time to take accountability for your sales, cash and profit!

If you need help with that… REAL hands on help, check out The Profitable Business Hub, where you become CPD accredited in sales mastery AND get continued mentorship to support the sales and profit of your business. Here, profit really is our core priority!!