Visibility Checklist

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Visibility checklist;

✓ 20 – yes, 20 – visibility ideas, examples and prompts to increase your visibility online from RIGHT NOW.

✓ How you can show up and use each platform to increase your exposure online.

Types of Content;

The 3 types of content you can be sharing on your social media platform to 

  • Attract
  • Connect
  • Engage
  • & Convert your ideal client

How To Plan Content;

The 3 styles of content are then broken down even further for you so that you can;

  • Take notes
  • Think of ideas for each style of content
  • Start to compartmentalise your content to suit these 3 strategies

An additional bonus for you:


Gives you access to;

  • How you can split your content for different platforms
  • Understanding what to share as free content and what to use to layer in for your paid content
  • Knowing what content to keep for your clients and which content to share to entice your ideal clients to work with you
  • Highlighting how you can re-purpose and leverage your content with ease

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Visibility & Content

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